Sylvia Ferris is a self-taught seamstress. Her interests began with miniature felt cuisine, oversized pillows in the shape of her favorite foods, and one-of-a-kind handbags.

She explains, “For me, sewing is a mindfulness practice. It starts with an intuitive ability to visualize what I want to create and then deconstruct and reconstruct the garment like pieces to a puzzle.”

She opened her first Etsy shop at age 11, Morgan Chase Designs, selling custom-made baby blankets. She was a tailor’s apprentice the following year, repairing fine apparel, wedding dresses, and vintage pieces.

Today Sylvia sells custom made clothing and vintage items on She finds fabric, hats, bags, and clothing and transforms them into original works.

She explains, “We have become an increasingly disposable society. Quick fashion has pushed so many great designer labels to second-hand stores. If you remain open to possibilities, you can discover the extraordinary in the ordinary.”

Favorite Brands